by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter


Take this time to learn from your experiences and reflect on how you can keep growing. 


You may be getting in your head recently, but instead of focusing on yourself, focus on those around you. 


It is time to hustle this week. Do not limit yourself to gain full potential in personal growth. Stay committed to your goals. 


Other people may see you as very calm and collected. However, your inner self is a little crazy, but show them your true self.


You know what you want, but it is time to branch out this week and try something new. 


You think very realistically and want to think through anything that could happen, but  have fun and be ambitious.  


Sometimes you feel that every small error could ruin your life. Stop beating yourself up over the small things.  


You will have good luck with money this week or be very pleased that this helps make your work more efficient and smoother. 


This is the time to do business, socialize with others, go to a sporting event, and romance may even blossom this week. 


You will start this week by working behind the scenes. This may take patience, but with good vibes, you will be rewarded. 


Do not be afraid to share your ideas and spread happiness. Everyone likes someone who is positive and happy. 


This week it is time to make a move toward financial goals. Talk with your parents, bosses or other individuals that may help with a boost in income.