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Photos submitted by multiple study abroad students.

COVID-19 has impacted international education

by Colbee Cunningham, Staff Reporter
October 7, 2020
Professor Meyers shows statistics on the “rate at which Black Americans are killed by police.”

Nationwide virtual Scholar Strike reaches Simpson

by Abby Ludwig, Staff Reporter
September 16, 2020
Graphic made by Taylor Hereid.

How to prepare for online finals

by Peyton Busch, Staff reporter
April 21, 2020
Simpson passes on pass-fail grading

Simpson passes on pass-fail grading

by Liv Allen, Staff reporter
April 15, 2020
Photo courtesy of Simpson College's press release.

Simpson welcomes Kelliher as first female president

by Alyssa Craven, Peyton Busch, Features Editor, Staff reporter
April 2, 2020
Photo from archives

Simpson College proposes a new education curriculum

by Kimberly Roberts and Danielle Blake
March 4, 2020
Photo submitted to Simpsonian

Taking Capitol Hill by Storm

by Liv Allen, Staff Reporter
February 26, 2020
Photo by Chase Thurston

Simpson honors MLK day with campus dialogue

by Chase Thurston, Staff Reporter
January 22, 2020
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