Registration changes and advice


The new schedule planning system

by Cash Lee, Staff Reporter

Registration is approaching quickly and there are a few changes you might want to know about, along with a few tips to help with the transition this semester. 

Registrar Jody Ragan discussed the system change. “We were using a product called Webadvisor, but it is no longer supported by the parent company, so we needed to move to this new platform under a self-service model.” 

Simpson has been implementing different pieces of self-service, one of those being student planning. 

“It should be more user-friendly, and there are some additional features that we will be able to use in the future,” Ragan said. “One of the big features in student planning self-service is that students will be able to print their own unofficial transcript.” 

Students who have been enrolled prior to 2021 will have access to the new registration system, but won’t have access to the new degree audit like underclassmen will. 

Cal Busby, an advisor for sports science and health education majors, talked about his experience with advising. 

“I’ve been advising for 10 years, and I’ve grown to really enjoy it more and more each year, simply because it’s different connections with students,” Busby said. “I have them in class and get to know them there, but when it’s one on one, it’s a much deeper connection.” 

In the past, there have been a few hiccups with registration and awareness of classes needed for majors. 

“Sometimes it’s difficult to see the big picture, and if students don’t get their first four choices of classes, it’s easy for them to go into a panic,” Busby said. 

Brody Fishman, a sophomore, talked about the registration changes. “I struggled in the past to see what classes I really needed, but with the new system, it’s much easier to see the classes I need in order to fulfill my major.”

Busby also talked about the new system. “I’m really excited because we try to focus on a 4-year plan, and the new software streamlines that and helps students get creative with their schedule. Now they can know when they’ll have to take certain classes, which will help with long-term planning.”

Hopefully, students will experience a smoother registration process, and the college is taking steps to ensure that happens. 

Ragan mentioned that there will be open lab times for students to get a walkthrough of the new system. “It is complicated, and we do have to run a couple of different systems because of the changes in curriculum and the changes in the way the new product works.”

Whether students are able to get the classes they want or not, they shouldn’t panic. 

“Simpson will always help students make sure they get into the classes they need,” Busby said.

Busby provided a few tips for registration, “Start early, have backup plans and build your preferred list, which will be much easier with the new system.”

Ragan gave some words of wisdom for students as well, “You still have to be checked off by advisors, so make sure to touch base with them, and you still need to check to make sure you don’t have any registration or business holds.

Registration will be held on Oct. 25, 26 and 27 this year. students should start thinking about it soon in order to solidify a successful process.