by Abby Hintz, Layout Editor

Aries – Take a break from your busy work and hang out with your friends or family. Grab a bite to eat or discuss things bogging you down. You deserve a break from working hard for so long.


Taurus – Go outside and enjoy mother nature. Take a walk or work on your tasks in the sun’s warmth. Pay attention to the small details that you walk up upon. 


Gemini – You will be tasked with multiple new things this week, but rest assured, you will tackle them with grace with a newfound energy. Allow your confidence and talents to shine through these tasks. 


Cancer – Take time out of your day to call a friend or relative and let them talk about their day. Use this time to ensure the person you call is okay and that they know you are there to listen.


Leo – You will encounter new challenges in your relationships that will uproot some of your plans. Take time to communicate these challenges and find a way to work through the hardships or let them go.


Virgo – Try a new art medium and let your creativity shine. Put your finished artwork on a wall or hang it on your fridge for everyone to admire. This will boost your confidence for the week.


Libra – Create a small bucket list and work on crossing off each item as quickly as possible. Invite a friend or someone you want to build a relationship with to go with you on each mini adventure.


Scorpio – Your hard work will pay off this week on your latest project. Take the time to ensure you get the credit you deserve and bask in your achievement. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Sagittarius – You will encounter a new recipe that will make you go to the store to buy the ingredients. Make the recipe yourself and share your new favorite food with your friends. You will now share the recipe with everyone you encounter.


Capricorn – Buy yourself a new outfit with your hard-earned paycheck. Show off the new look with your friends and family. You deserve to treat yourself this week.


Aquarius – Make time in your schedule to rest. This week will be very busy with lots of work and challenges. Rest will allow you to recharge and wake up with re-found energy that will push you through the week.


Pisces – Volunteer at a place of your choosing. Your kindness and hard work will inspire your peers to volunteer as well. Your volunteer work and inspiration will raise your spirits.