by Kyle Werner, Feature Editor

Aries: It may be time to reevaluate your priorities and do some emotional spring cleaning. You may be uncomfortable with this, but it is time to push through.

Taurus: Pay close attention to how your emotions may be controlling you, it may be time to put yourself before others. 

Gemini: Experiment with what your boundaries are, there may be bumps in the road and walls in front of you for a reason. 

Cancer: Watch what you say to others, they might misconstrue what you want to say and use it against you.

Leo: You are at the height of emotional vulnerability, and it is important that you talk to others and embrace it.

Virgo: This may be a time when every page you turn reveals what you need, but be sure to look ahead with caution.

Libra: This may be a busy time for you, but you are going to flourish if you add self-care into the equation.

Scorpio: Don’t inflate your ego too much, it will interfere with those around you. Don’t forget to pay attention to others.

Sagittarius: You are in the midst of tranquility, take this time to readjust and take care of yourself after trying times.

Capricorn: You might be the person that everyone brings their problems to, but don’t forget that you have problems too.

Aquarius: Be aware of your past pace and how it affects you and those around you, you might trip up if you don’t pay attention.

Pisces: This is a time to push your boundaries, it is a time for growth emotionally and physically.