Horoscopes Feb. 3-10

Horoscopes Feb. 3-10

by Shelby McCasland, Staff Reporter

Aquarius: It is your season, Aquarius. Celebrate by taking a leap with upcoming social opportunities.

Pisces: Watch for new connections and chances for networking. An exciting new change is coming your way.

Aries: Others around you will inspire your next goals so keep your ears and eyes open.

Taurus: It’s the season for communication. You will be graced with interesting news.

Gemini: Teamwork is the name of the game. Rely on the people around you this week.

Cancer: You have been thinking about a new way of doing things. Whether it be your inner group, style, or path, this is the time to switch it up.

Leo: Creativity and passion have always fueled your fire. Focus on your big idea and make it a reality.

Virgo: Life-long learning is part of who you are. Take advantage of this skill and use it to your advantage.

Libra: The world at your fingertips can be both a blessing and a curse. Try to unplug this week to avoid being overwhelmed.

Scorpio: People will be more transparent with you about how they feel. Try to tune into their feelings.

Sagittarius: Get down to work this week. The hard work is about to pay off but don’t stop before the finish line.

Capricorn: Take a step back for a breather. Use your form of relaxation, maybe a hot bath or meditation, to find some peace this week.