What you’ll be getting this holiday season based on your star sign

What you’ll be getting this holiday season based on your star sign

by Shelby McCasland, Staff Writer

Capricorn: Nostalgia and traditions are what your sign loves most about the holiday season. A new frame or photo-album is headed your way so you can keep your memories close by.

Aquarius: As the humanitarian of the signs, Aquarius’ caring nature is in full force during this season of giving. You will be grateful that friends and family have donated to your favorite causes this year rather than fill under the tree.

Pisces: Neptune may rule your sign Pisces, but the planet also rules music. You always know the right song and go crazy for holidays, so put that new speaker to use and get the Christmas tunes pumping.

Aries: Having a fiery personality means you will welcome the glow of the candles you unwrap during this cozy season.

Taurus: Your earthy nature gives you green thumbs and your talents will get a chance to sprout with the gift of plants this Christmas.

Gemini: Time to get your head in the game, Gemini.  As a sign that thrives when using deep thinking and can always see the next step, you will enjoy playing your new board games with family and friends.

Cancer: Bring some of your sign’s warm, summery traits into winter using the baking and kitchen items that friends and family have gifted you.

Leo: Drama is your middle name and entertainment is your game, so sit back and chill out with a movie marathon from that box set you’ve been hinting at for months.

Virgo: You have skills that are unmatched when it comes to creating, Virgo. Sugar-plums are not the only visions dancing in your head, use your new crafting supply to make your artsy dreams a reality.

Libra: As the socialite of the signs, you will be thrilled with the platters and décor your friends give you. You are already planning the next get-together you will host.

Scorpio: Time to slow down Scorpio. You are high energy and driven, but the merry season is the perfect time to relax with the bath bombs, soaps and lotions that you found in your stocking.

Sagittarius: The world is your oyster, Sagittarius. The people around you know you can’t keep your head from wandering the globe as the sign that loves adventure. Use your new travel books to inspire your next trip.