by Sophie Reese, Video Editor

Aries: You need to stop procrastinating. Please go get your homework done. 


Taurus: Quit being so stressed out. You will get things done on time and they will be great. 


Gemini: It’s time for you to get out of your comfort zone. Go try out for a new club or do a new activity. 


Cancer: Quit being upset over people failing you. If they’re a bad friend, leave them. 


Leo: You are doing a great job lately. You should be very proud of yourself and take a break. 


Virgo: It’s time for you to reconnect yourself with nature. Go on a nature walk or have a picnic in the grass. 


Libra: Your birthday is coming up and it’s time to celebrate. You’re going to party hard, but not too hard. 


Scorpio: I know you are feeling overwhelmed. Just take everything one step at a time. 


Sagittarius: Are you worried about a test you just took? Keep in mind that grades don’t determine your worth. 


Capricorn: You’ve had a rough past couple of days. It’s time for you to go have some fun with a good friend. 


Aquarius: You need to relax. Go get your nails done or a fresh haircut, watch your favorite show and chill. 


Pisces: You may be going through a change soon and are stressed about it. Just remember that everything is going to happen for a reason.