by Ethan Humble, Staff Reporter

Aries: As the spring season begins to bloom, so does your unwavering sense of optimism. Keep that positive mindset this coming week, and you will reap the benefits. Just do not let your short temper get in the way of truly enjoying every moment.

Taurus: Your loyalty is seriously admirable. The way that you are willing to look after those closest to you is one of the many things that make you such a wonderful person. Make sure that you are also taking some much-needed ‘me’ time this week to avoid burnout as the end of the semester nears.

Gemini: I know the temptation to gossip always lingers over you, Gemini, but trust me when I say this will not serve you well this week. Stay energetic and enthusiastic like you always are, but channel all that energy in a more positive way.

Cancer: Your ability to care for others is unmatched by any other signs, Cancer, which will be especially helpful for your closest friends entering this week. Something unexpected will overcome one of them in the coming days, and having your shoulder to lean on will seemingly make all the pain go away.

Leo: This week is going to test you with an endless amount of temptations. From poor dietary choices to poor time usage, it is more important now than ever to stay on the right track and keep the big picture in mind. All it takes is one bad week for things to start falling apart; make sure this does not happen to you.

Virgo: Your bottomless pit of talent and passions is so inspiring and the way you express yourself so clearly can be seen by everyone around you. Now it is time to have true confidence in that expression and know that being too self-critical will not help you in the long run. Positive affirmations go a long way, Virgo.

Libra: I know decision-making is not your strong suit, Libra, but it is time to step up and make some choices for how you are going to finish out this year. Are you going to kick the engine into drive or sit back in either neutral or even reverse? The end is near, and if you stick to your well-drawn plans, this will be a piece of cake.

Scorpio: Your intensity is a weapon that only you can decide how to use. If you use it wisely, you can light a spark so bright it feels like the world is in your grasp, but if you use it poorly, you could self-destruct really quickly with your mood changing every hour. I think we both know which would benefit you more, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Although I know your independence is something you embrace, this is a week where leaning on others will be in your best interest. Times are getting tough, and your friends are there to pick you up. It really is okay to show some emotion sometimes, as much as you may disagree with me.

Capricorn: Your blunt and cold nature is starting to be noticed. Do not worry; there is still time to turn that all around, and it starts this week. Focus on using your ambition to build relationships and rekindle those fires that may be fading away as of late. These people will be important soon.

Aquarius: Your humanitarian drive will be the focus of this week, Aquarius. Chase that drive to do something good for the world, and you will be more fulfilled than ever before. Remember that it is people like you who keep this place going the way it should be.

Pisces: Harness your imagination and creativity to open new doors and see new possibilities come to light. Make an effort to meet at least one new person this week and see where the connections go. Just do not become too skeptical if things are not going exactly the way you would like right away.