Horoscopes: April 8-15

Horoscopes: April 8-15

by Bailey Earls, Staff Reporter

Aries: The mountain summit is in sight, don’t stop the climb yet. Your time and effort will pay off soon. By the fifth, you will get a burst of motivation.

Taurus: Patience is key. You have been waiting for a win in life, and it will be here soon. Don’t give up yet.

Gemini: Be careful not to get distracted this week. You will either be well balanced or a complete klutz. Don’t forget your brilliant smile.  

Cancer: It is time to look at life philosophically. Prioritize the six human needs and see where it guides you. (Certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth, and contribution.)

Leo: Selflessness is your virtue. Give something up for someone else and expect the unexpected. You will soon find joy.

Virgo: The moon is in your fifth house of passion; a romance is brewing. You are drawn to this desire but are also tempted with fear. Do not be afraid but make sure you will be caught when you fall.

Libra: It is time to lighten the load. You are draining yourself by taking on too many tasks. You are not responsible for everything.

Scorpio: The word of the week is “no.” People ask a lot from you but what do you need? Do not let yourself be walked on.

Sagittarius: You are well prepared. The contingency plans you have come in handy. You always expect the unexpected.

Capricorn: You are an expert at functioning. You have been restricted this week but have handled it well. Those around you are impressed with your abilities.

Aquarius: There is a project or goal that you have spent a lot of time on. Progress will be made, and your efforts will soon pay off.

Pisces: Repetition can get boring, but it is good to enjoy the process. Find the positives within your daily routine.