Horoscopes: April 1-7

Horoscopes: April 1-7

by Chris Miller, Staff Reporter

Aries – While you may be satisfied with your friends now, you are ready to meet new people. Go out there and introduce yourself to someone new, they may become your best friend. 

Taurus – You have a vision for the future but be careful that you’re not too hard on yourself. Remain positive and stay flexible so that you can adapt to what life throws at you.

Gemini – You have more strength than you realize and are a lot farther on your journey than you think. Stay on your grind and good things will start coming to light. 

Cancer – You need to be extra protective of your energy this week. Don’t let unimportant things drain you, instead focus on the things that you value and truly care about. 

Leo – You are feeling a little stressed right now and that’s completely okay. Don’t be afraid to let your partner or a trusted friend know how you’re feeling. 

Virgo – If you spend the week daydreaming about something or someone, use the weekend to make those dreams come true. Take that risk, you’ll never know unless you go for it. 

Libra – Others will be looking for your help this week, being the good Libra that you are, you will undoubtedly help them. However, make sure you are getting the same assistance back. 

Scorpio – Don’t be pressured into being perfect this week. If you aren’t feeling your best or are tired, honor that need. This quiet time will allow you to get rested and get your mojo back. 

Sagittarius – Time to embrace your inner child. Let go of what others think and just have fun. Go ahead and watch that movie that makes you feel like a kid again. 

Capricorn – Focus on your home life and family this week. Reach out to family members and share how you’ve been. They used to be in your shoes and would love to hear your stories. 

Aquarius – Believe in yourself. Let this message resonate within you this week, especially if you have been feeling self-doubt as of late. You can do it, don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. 

Pisces – This is a week to let your creative juices explode. Don’t try to hide or deny your talent. Go ahead and make something new with your own twist to it.