by Alyssa Craven, Editor-in-Chief

Aries: The sun is now within Aries. Now is your time to shine. Things will seem to fall into place for you, but do not take this as a time to relax. Laziness will result in lost opportunities.

Taurus: Uranus, the personification of heaven, is in Taurus. You may find yourself drawn to the sky this week. Make sure to take in the stars.

Gemini: Mars, the god of war, is in Gemini. You may find yourself quick to anger and prone to conflict this week. Try to make sure your emotions don’t get the best of you.

Cancer: The Worm Moon will take place this Sunday. This will be a chance for you to leave the negative energy behind you with winter. Start out spring with a fresh start.

Leo: You’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. Take some time for yourself and relax. The part in meditation, as it’s a great way to realign your energy.

Virgo: New energy will find you this week. Take it as a time to get things done that you’ve been putting off.

Libra: Pluto is nearing Libra. This means love and attraction are in your favor. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want.

Scorpio: You will crave heat and warmth this week. Find a place to enjoy some sun. Spring is around the corner.

Sagittarius: Your aura is in sync within your heart this week. New opportunities will become apparent to you.

Capricorn: Your spirited nature will grow this week. Get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Aquarius: Saturn is in Aquarius this week. You may feel stubborn this week or feeling the need to be in power. Don’t let this cloud your judgment or not let yourself be open to others’ opinions.

Pisces: Mercury, the god of commerce and communication, is in Pisces. This signals you will be great at communication this week. It may also be a great time to seek new business opportunities.