Horoscopes: What’s written in the stars for you this week?

Horoscopes: Whats written in the stars for you this week?

by Amelia Schafer, News Editor

Here’s your forecast for the week of March 18-25.

Aries: You may have been feeling more creative lately. Take advantage of this and take up a new craft or hobby. The world’s your oyster. 

Taurus: Being both open and engaged will be a recipe for success for you this week. Be open to new opportunities to expand your mind. 

Gemini: Try spicing up your look this week. Wear that outfit you have locked away in your closet that you’ve been telling yourself you’d rock, but have been too nervous to debut. Take a chance with your look.

Cancer: Take some solo time this week to rest and recuperate from a busy past few months. Don’t be afraid of self-care. 

Leo: Try not to let jealousy get the best of you this week. Take time to relax and thank yourself for the progress you’ve made.

Virgo: Take time to listen to your friends and catch up with people whose texts you’ve been too busy to respond to. Make time for a friend you haven’t seen in a while. 

Libra: Do some soul searching this week. Rebalance the scales like the Libra you are. 

Scorpio: Take time for yourself this week. Perhaps start practicing yoga or going on some morning walks to clear your head and get back in gear. 

Sagittarius: Take time for small individual gatherings. Catch up with the people closest to you and strengthen those bonds. 

Capricorn: Take time for some spring cleaning. You may be someone who enjoys order and balance, take time to clean your living space. 

Aquarius: Be honest with yourself and others. Take charge and start living life on your terms. 

Pisces: Let the world know how you feel and don’t hold back. Have you ever wanted to start a blog or a podcast? This may be time to do it.