Horoscopes: Feb. 17 – 24

Horoscopes: Feb. 17 - 24

by Peyton Busch, Social Media Editor

Aries: Communications – These people are usually pretty chill. They can strike up a conversation with pretty much anybody. 

Taurus: Graphic Design – This sign is pretty open-minded with a ton of creativity. 

Gemini: Biochemistry – This sign can usually be found in the library late at night. Their roommates normally have no idea how they are really doing. 

Cancer: Sports Administration – On the outside, this sign thinks they are pretty smart, but they normally have trouble talking about anything other than sports. Did you even play sports in high school?

Leo: I hate to break it to you, but you probably won’t graduate college. You spend too much time studying the bars.

Virgo: Theater – Hamilton is this sign’s life but like it isn’t a personality trait or anything. 

Libra: Philosophy – Chances are this sign thinks they can be pretty deep. They also secretly do slam poetry on the weekends. 

Scorpio: Psychology – This sign is probably psychoanalyzing their friends 24/7. Please stop. 

Sagittarius: English – This sign can read in their head but not out loud. Spelling is hard for them, but they usually figure it out after a few tries. 

Capricorn: Political Science – Chances are you are very dedicated to your studies with a superiority complex. 

Aquarius: Business management – This sign is already short on sleep the way it is, but they want to do it for the rest of their lives. They are willing to risk it all for the money. 

Pisces: Computer science – Chances are this sign has a tricked-out computer with a light-up keyboard. They refuse to go as far as calling themselves nerds.