by Alyssa Whitham, Staff Reporter

Aries – Bold and ambitious is your nature, so shoot for the moon this week. Take the risks you’ve been too nervous or scared to do and go for it. What’s the worst that could happen – you fail? As Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

 Taurus – You’re an earth sign, so try to embrace nature this week. Surround yourself with soothing nature sounds while studying, getting ready for class, or perhaps watch a nature show to relax after a stressful day. You’ll be surprised to find how great you feel by the end of the week.

 Gemini – You tend to stretch yourself too thin at times and wish you had two of you. This week try relaxing and slowing down. Say no to a few things and embrace the peace you’ll feel not having to do everything and anything you’ve signed up for. 

 Cancer – Use your intuitive abilities this week to focus on what you need emotionally and physically. Your body and mind will tell you what you need to do as long as you listen to it. Often what you think you need is not what you actually need, so take that time this week to dial it in and become the best version of yourself.

 Leo – Your sign is represented by the lion, king of the savannah, so embrace the inner king or queen you are. Be passionate in knowing you are the most important person in your life. Take some time this week to do self-care and properly treat yourself. 

 Virgo – You often focus too much on perfection and seek the logical approach to most problems. Try finding your inner spontaneity and try a different approach to life. You never know how freeing it may be to see life in a whole new light. 

 Libra – You often look for balance in your life and are obsessed with symmetry. While these qualities are useful, try focusing less on the perfect balance and more on living your life. Often being transfixed with certain qualities can lead to a lack in other areas, so try and narrow down what has been lacking in your life and improve it.

 Scorpio – You’re passionate, and people often mistake you for being a little too aggressive. Don’t change yourself because others sometimes can’t handle you. Instead, look for people who are just as passionate as you and support you in your endeavors.

 Sagittarius – You enjoy adventures – spiritual, geographical or intellectual. While you can’t travel too far during these times, find a small adventure you can go on this week. Try something new you’ve wanted to for a while, or finally find some time for yourself to dive into a good book. 

 Capricorn – You are often realistic and practical but some people consider you pessimistic or dry. This week try to find a balance between the two and actively think about how you can improve these qualities about yourself. This action will benefit you far more than you might think. 

 Aquarius – This is your time, being born between Jan 20 and Feb 18. Embrace all of the good things coming your way and focus on positive energy. This week take extra special care to look for the good things in your life and let go of the bad that may be clouding your energy. 

 Pisces –  Your attention is often divided and clouds your thoughts. This week focus on one or two things instead of juggling a bunch. This division has caused you to be forgetful instead of focused, so find what you want to be your center of attention and work toward that.