Horoscopes: Nov. 18-25

Horoscopes: Nov. 18-25

by Ethan Humble, Staff Reporter

Aries: It is time to channel your fire energy into your love life because things start to heat up. Make sure to keep your partner’s feelings in line, and don’t let passion overwhelm you. Remember to keep feeding your mind during your free time.

Taurus: One of your friendships may be starting to feel a bit one-sided. Is it you or them that’s letting the other down? Time to ground yourself and take stock of what you value in life.

Gemini: Air is continuously evolving, and so are you. There is a free, invigorated energy radiating off of you this season. The sky’s sunshine is no match for that in your heart. Make sure to prioritize where you’re giving this powerful energy.

Cancer: Do you feel like one of your friends is getting a little too big for their britches? Before writing them off too quickly, assess whether this pride is earned. Remember to celebrate your friends and let them know how proud you are.

Leo: Leo, you’ve had your nose to the grindstone for too long — it’s time for a break. Even if you can’t leave town, your brain deserves some time off. Treat yourself to your favorite snack or hobby this holiday season.

Virgo: Has your life gotten a little stagnant? There’s no time like the present to switch things up. Try a new group fitness class, pick up a new book, or cook up an original recipe to add some extra spice to your life.

Libra: There may be a new opportunity on your horizon that’s generating some excitement within you. There’s no such thing as being too optimistic. Even if the opportunity falls through, you’ll live a happier life if you believe in the best.

Scorpio: You’re often drawn towards conflict and challenge because this is where you thrive. Don’t be afraid of making waves. It’s what sets you apart. Remember, your voice is valuable, and it’s okay to ruffle some feathers.

Sagittarius: There’s been a conflict brewing between you and someone important in your life. As temperatures fall, let your tempers do the same. Let goodwill and holiday cheer take anger’s place.

Capricorn: Sometimes, sharing isn’t caring. Continually giving away your resources can leave you with the short end of the stick. If you offer an inch, some will take a mile. Try not to offer anything this week.

Aquarius: You have more say over today’s events than you think you do. It’s time to flex that control and give yourself a victory. People will be more willing to help you with your goals than you expect.

Pisces: If you’re currently watching the scale, you can expect a pleasant surprise. Celebrate your success with something besides food. Perhaps with a friend, even if you’re tired of coming to their rescue and lending an ear.