Horoscopes: Oct. 15-22

Horoscopes: Oct. 15-22

by Desmond Alexander, Staff Reporter

Aries: For this week, your imagination is all over the place. Curiosity, as well as attention to detail, will be your best friends for a while. Friday will bring a day full of flirting and romance to the table, so don’t allow your ego to get in your way. It’s time to put the best foot forward you’ve been holding back.  

Taurus: Doesn’t it feel like Halloween is already here? This week there’s a creepy feeling in the air, causing you to take everything with a different approach. Although the weekend will provide you with positive energy, allowing you to self-reflect and get those tasks done. 

Gemini: This week is not going to work out in your favor considering your forgetfulness. You might find yourself sleeping through alarms, forgetting about assignments. Perhaps you should create a calendar. Luckily, this phase will pass this weekend. Expect to fill you with imagination and creativity. 

Cancer: Pay close attention to what you say, for miscommunication will cause you to lash out on a close one. Don’t jump to conclusions. Friday will somewhat turn your week around, giving you an opportunity for new moments in your private life. Sadly, Sunday brings bad energy back into the room. I know it’s natural for you to respect everyone’s opinion, but don’t allow everyone to walk over you.

Leo: I know it’s productive to think about your future, but it might be time to switch around priorities for this week. Don’t commit to doing anything extra that will stretch your schedule. In fact, don’t do anything involving a serious commitment for the next few weeks. This is the perfect time for you to sit back, evaluate your thoughts, and display your creative thoughts you brainstormed. 

Virgo: Expect this week to be harder than usual when trying to get your point across. You will be hard to understand, causing people you associate with daily to misinterpret you. Friday will be a day for bamboozling your relationships. This week doesn’t exactly work out in your favor but be sure to not make any large purchases.  

Libra: You’re usually able to keep your peace, but you might find that to be more troubling to manage this week. The truth will be put on your highest pedestal these next few days. Don’t be worried, this week will turn around. Friday will allow you to discover a new hobby. Sunday will start off next week the right way, giving you positive vibes with a boost in your first step.  

Scorpio: For the next few weeks, be extra careful when expanding your word choice. Like others, you’ll run into a bit of weariness when communicating with peers. We all know you say the first thing that comes to your mind but try to evaluate what you say. Friday will cause you to be in your feelings, invigorating you to recover lost relationships. Sunday is going to turn your week around by opening new opportunities for romance and reassurance. Keep your head up, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Halloween is approaching, but you need to take a chill pill. You’re feeling haunted and cursed already, which will cause you to enter your private mind. Perhaps you should do something to stimulate your mind. Luckily, Friday will turn your nightmare into better opportunities, giving you the ability to expand your friend group. The rest of your weekend will end on a positive note, permitting you to start those projects you’ve been putting off.  

Capricorn: Has anyone around you noticed that you’ve been a little too blunt lately? Don’t be concerned because Tuesday will cause your honesty (that sometimes comes off as too harsh) to be used in your favor. I hope you have a job because this weekend is going to allow you to become closer to your co-workers. You’ll also experience a burst of romance as it might lead to something magical.

Aquarius: I hate to be the one to bring you this news, but your week is going to start off pretty rocky. Over these next couple of weeks, be sure to double-check on the small things. Luckily, things are going to get better as your week progresses. Friday is going to bring you a completely new discovery. However, Sunday will cause you to investigate some of your deepest feelings. 

Pisces: Do you feel like something is going to happen this week? Things you would expect normally are going to be very interesting this week. You might think back on certain things and discover that you were actually wrong. Don’t be frightened. The middle of the week will bring you a burst of energy, allowing you to relax and be social with your peers again.