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Letter to the Editor: In response to inaccessibility on campus
Letter to the Editor: In response to inaccessibility on campus
by Advocacy, Community, Education and Support (ACES), Special to The Simpsonian • March 1, 2024

Dear Editor, We write in response to an article published February 14, 2024, in The Simpsonian titled, “No disabled students need apply:...

Retraction and update: After Midnight review
Retraction and update: "After Midnight" review
by Maggie Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter • February 28, 2024

In my previous review of the late-night show "After Midnight", I stated that comedian Matt Walsh, who was a guest on the show, is “a prominent...

SCTV 2/28/24
by Aaron Wilkins and Sam HyingFebruary 28, 2024

What Halloween movie you should watch based on your sign


Aries: Halloweentown If you put an Aries in Halloweentown, they’d be able to spend hours exploring and asking questions about the strange universe. Kick off the Halloween season by watching it to fuel your wonder. 

Taurus: Corpse Bride – Tauruses love to chill out, and this creepy Tim Burton film is the opposite of action-packed. Corpse Bride is a work that you can appreciate not only for the beautiful story but for the artistic elements as well. 

Gemini: Twitches – You have the reputation of having two personalities, much like these twin sisters in Twitches. One sister is outgoing and loves to party, while the other is reserved, which pretty much mirrors the introverted-extroverted personality of a Gemini

Cancer: The Haunted Mansion – Nothing is more important to a Cancer than family. They value home life and are known for their nurturing nature, so this movie about a family’s spooky experience in a haunted home is perfect for them.

Leo: The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Leos are the most over-the-top zodiac sign, and no movie is more extra than Rocky Horror. They won’t just sit on the couch and watch this musical – they’ll probably dress up and scream at the TV, too. 

Virgo: Casper – An innocent Virgo won’t get enough of this heartfelt Halloween film, which will probably end up making them cry.

Libra: The Nightmare Before Christmas – There’s no better film to get them pumped up for Halloween than this classic. Libras are artsy and have a huge imagination, which The Nightmare Before Christmas totally taps into.

Scorpio: Hocus Pocus – They are lowkey the most powerful signs of the zodiac. They have a magical sense about them and are good at getting people to do what they want. They also aren’t afraid of revenge, which is basically the entire plot of Hocus Pocus.

Sagittarius: Practical Magic – This sign is all about adventure, so this story of a pair of witches breaking a family curse would be exactly something that you’d get yourself into. 

Capricorn: Ghostbusters – Who are you gonna call to get things done? Capricorns, always. They’re the Ghostbusters of the Zodiac, so there’s no better film to get them pumped up to do big things this Halloween.

Aquarius: Edward Scissorhands – This film about an unusual love story, which also happens to be aesthetically pleasing, is perfect. Aquarius can be unique, just like Edward Scissorhands, so they can definitely relate. 

Pisces: Beetlejuice – Because you have such a go-with-the-flow attitude, you’d probably be fine if you cohabitate in a house with Beetlejuice.

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