May the odds be ever in your favor

May the odds be ever in your favor

by James Tillison

impson embraces the popular Hunger Games, creating their own rendition on campus.

It is the ultimate fight between the students of Simpson College; they have been tossed into the Hunger Games. Reslife played the role of Panem by hosting this event. They say this was a way to get people involved and show off the facilities campus has to offer, such as the arena: Hopper Gym.

Eight people representing eight districts stand in a circle in Hopper Gym, weapons ranging from foam swords, Nerf guns, and shields scattered all across the gym. All weapons were up for grabs; each competitor just had to be the first one to get it and not be killed in the process of doing so. As one person won each round a winners round was slowly being formed.

Honor Foss, one of the students who volunteered fro his district, fought valiantly and won his round to make it back to the winners round for the grand prize. He had just arrived back on campus from Des Moines and believed that the event was “a lot of fun, they should do this more often.”

Jacob Christy, or as he is better knows “Yamma” not only made it into the winners battle, but won the Hunger Games. Yamma said “my district prospered for another year, I brought honor to them and all that,” shortly after his victory. The odds were ever in Yamma’s favor that day.

It was a one hit kill’s game, so not being hit was the only choice if that district had any hope at victory. Each player could only hold two items at a time, meaning one shield and one sword or any variation of the three items. A death could not occur from a weapon being thrown. IF the sword were to take down an opponent, the hit had to be in the hand of the attacker. Same goes for the Nerf guns, and pellet had to be shot from the gun itself.

Abby VanEvera, a virtual game master and member of Reslife, says that the turnout for this event was great with near 30 students participating. Fellow Reslife member Nathan Schneider agreed with her in saying that the Hunger Games was well received by the students that came out to play.

In the end, not only the fighters were winners. Door prizes allowed for non-competitors to win as well winning books or movies of their choice.