Flipside: Seven signs your roommate is probably your soul mate


Roommates. Sometimes we love ‘em and sometimes we hate ‘em. However, if we’re lucky, they become our best friends and way more than just the people we share a room and a fridge with. Here are seven signs you and your roommate are not only best friends, but soul mates.

Clothes are considered optional.

You can walk around naked or in just your towel without being judged. Privacy and boundaries just don’t exist.

Separation anxiety is an everyday thing.

It’s impossible to go an entire day without texting or seeing each other. You just can’t do it.

They love you even when you’re clearly disgusting.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all gone a couple of days without showering. It’s college. Your roommate appreciates you, regardless.

Your inside jokes are TOO MUCH for anyone else to handle.

Your best memories always seem to include your roommate. Sometimes you have to remind each other that other people just don’t understand.

A night in is ALWAYS better than a night out.

You can’t go wrong with Netflix, wine and an abundance of food. Bonding at its finest.


You’ve come up with nicknames for each other.

Sometimes they’re cute, but most of the time they’re completely inappropriate.

You know each other’s schedules by heart.

If anyone asks, you know exactly what your roommate is up to without even hesitating.