Nine surprisingly fun date ideas for under $25

It’s no surprise that college students are forced to adhere to an extremely tight budget. After the alcohol, fast food and essentials are purchased, what’s left? Dates. Here are some alternative ideas to replace expensive dinner dates.

  1. Grab a bottle of Barefoot and relax with your significant other. Complain about how real the struggle actually is over a cheap bottle of wine.
  2. Try watching a movie that’s not on Netflix. If you can’t afford to spend money on a late movie, check out a matinee.
  3. Have dinner at your favorite sports bar during happy hour. You can’t go wrong with cheap drinks and great food!
  4. Visit local coffee shops. As college students, we’re sleep deprived and coffee is always a necessity. Hang out with your significant other or person of interest and get to know each other over a cup of java!
  5. Check out local museums. The Science Center of Iowa has an IMAX and plenty to do on a rainy day.
  6. Ice Skating. Total Classic.
  7. Try geocaching.  It’s completely free and you’re guaranteed to incorporate a little fun and adventure into the date.  
  8. Actually finish a game of monopoly. Better yet, head over to Goodwill and pick out some new board games! Cheap and fun.
  9. Pack a cooler and head to a park or somewhere outdoors (when it warms up). There’s no need to pay for a fancy dinner when you have cheap beer and good sandwiches