Eat healthy during holiday season


by Shayna Holle, Flipside editor

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving and holiday breaks, especially the food that usually accompanies it. We also all know how easy it is to overeat, so check out our advice and avoid gorging yourself this holiday season.

Limit yourself. Do you really need that third trip to the buffet?

Eat slowly. You’ll realize you’re full more quickly.

Stick to your favorites or foods you don’t usually have if it’s not Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Exercise beforehand. You’ll speed up your metabolism and feel better about ingesting the calories.

Small portions are the key to success.

Stick with the healthiest items, such as white turkey meat, roasted sweet potatoes or raw veggies. These foods are lower in fat and calories.

Don’t go to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner hungry. You’ll end up gorging yourself to the point of no return.

Replace soda and coffee with water. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated, which will make you feel fuller.

Walk after you eat. You’ll feel less bloated and more satisfied.

Avoid snacking throughout the day. Out of sight out of mind, right?