Flipside: Seven things college seniors should do prior to graduation


by Shayna Holle, Flipside Editor

May 2. It’s the day all us seniors have been looking forward to for as long as we can remember; it’s our college graduation. With one week remaining, we’re experiencing our final moments before we enter the real world. It’s scary, but it’s also exciting. Here are some final things every college senior should do before walking across that stage. 

Wear sweatpants everywhere. 

Come graduation and our entry into the professional world, sweatpants will be a thing of the past. We won’t be able to roll out of bed, throw on some yoga pants and get to class. We’ll be expected to look presentable. Cherish the time you have left to look like a bum. 

Take pictures of anything and everything. 

It may not seem like a big deal now, but you’re going to want to remember everything that happened your last week of college.  

Send thank you emails to your professors and mentors. 

These people have been instrumental in guiding you through college. Thank them. And thank them again. You probably wouldn’t be the person you are today and the successful graduate you’re soon to be without their support. 

Stay out all night one last time. 

Go to Mojos or The Zoo one last time and stop worrying about being out too late. Enjoy the time you have left being in such close proximity with your best friends. Relax, let loose and forget about the anxiety and stress that comes with realizing your time at Simpson is coming to an end. 

Thank your parents. 

It doesn’t matter how you decide to do it, just thank them. And actually mean it. Since the day they dropped you off at Kresge or Barker, they’ve been there for you every step of the way. They’ve supported you through all of your successes, triumphs and failures. For that, you owe them. 

Polish that resume and learn to write a decent cover letter. 

Want to be in the running for your dream job? Update your resume with relevant skills and experience. Stand out with a unique and specific cover letter. 

Learn how to budget and manage your money. 

Stop buying useless junk and start saving your money. Six months will roll around faster than you think. Hello, student loans!