Launch into the working world


It’s time. Time for seniors to begin applying for jobs and other students to begin applying for internships. Sometimes the process can seem intimidating, but it’s not as bad as you may think! Applying for jobs and internships should be exciting, not overwhelming. Here are some surefire ways to get you started!

Update your resume more than once a year. You’re constantly developing new skills and gaining experience while in school. It’s important your resume reflects this.

Apply for anything and everything that piques your interest. You can always say no… remember that. Don’t let yourself regret not applying for that certain job or internship. Step outside of your comfort zone, and you may surprise yourself.

Ask for help. Faculty and staff want you to succeed and are more than willing to help. They have connections, leads, etc. to help get you started. There’s a whole office dedicated to helping students (and Alums!) find jobs, Career Services.

Following up is the KEY! Reach out to the people you’ve submitted applications to. It’ll be a friendly reminder to the employer you’re still clearly interested.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to opportunities. Keep an open-mind, but have some sort of focus. If you majored in communications, don’t get caught up in only applying for corporate communication positions. Apply for positions in journalism, public relations and marketing.

Build an online portfolio. This is the perfect way to store writing samples, photography and other various projects in one central location. It’s a simple and great way for employers to take a look at some of your best work while showing off your personality through customization.

Follow recruiters on social media. Following potential employers and companies on social media will allow you to receive notifications about job openings. This is also a great way to learn more about the company culture to determine if you’re a good fit.