What does your favorite drink say about your personality?


by Shayna Holle, Flipside editor

We all tend to wonder what our choice of liquor says about our personality.  Some enjoy vodka, while others prefer tequila or beer. Whatever the case, here are eight common stereotypes associated with popular drinks.

1.     Vodka

Choosing vodka automatically lumps you into the freshman category. You’re probably new to drinking and you may even have a fake ID. Try branching out, unless it’s grey goose. Then it’s chill.

2.     Wine

Oh, you fancy, huh?

3.     Rum

You’re young and probably the wild child of the group. You know how to lighten up the mood and the meaning of ‘buzzkill’ is a foreign concept.

4.     Tequila

We just won’t even go there. But tears… lots and lots of tears.

5.     Scotch & Bourbon

You’re a nostalgic human being who misses the “good ol’ days.” Whatever that actually means.

6.     Beer

First of all, you’re cheap. However, you know how to kick back and relax while remaining on a college student’s limited budget. Kudos.

7.     Gin

You’re probably a traditional being who’s rather opinionated. This doesn’t excuse you from having the taste buds of a 60-year-old-man. Try loosening up a skosh, eh?

8.     Whiskey

With something as robust as whiskey, you’re probably looking to have a great time. Accompanying this robust taste is probably a robust personality. Try to tone it down a little, why don’t you?