How to coexist with roommates


by Shayna Holle, Flipside editor

Encourage open communication. Talking right away and refusing to let things bottle up will decrease your chances of getting into a screaming match with your roommate later on.

Make sure to respect one another’s personal space. Respect each other’s privacy and be aware if your roommate is studying or trying to relax.

Talk about schedules and habits RIGHT AWAY. Don’t wait or things could become seriously tense.

Be mindful of cleanliness, because neither one of you wants to live in a dirty space. Both of you will be much happier in a somewhat clean area.

Respect each other’s belongings.  Don’t just use your roommate’s stuff without asking. Wait until he or she has explicitly stated they do not mind or you’ve gotten permission.

Take time to hang out with your roommate. He or she does not have to become your best friend, but you should at least take the time to get to know one another. It will make living together much easier.

Try to lay out some boundaries from the get-go, whether that means talking about personal space or personal items.

When conflict arises, try not to be passive aggressive. Talking about the conflict right away is the best approach.

Do not steal each other’s food. That’s a given!

When you wake up in the morning, try to be quiet if your roommate is asleep. Don’t let your alarm continuously go off, play music or yell while your roommate is still asleep.