Feeling stressed? Five tips to end the semester strong


by Connor McGinnis, reporter

Finish the semester strong by implementing these five great tips.

  • Imagine your future. Think about all the great things your future holds if you push through.
  • Find a good stress reliever. Workout, run, eat lots of ice cream, etc. Discover what works best for you.
  • Take time to relax. Everyone needs some time to just sit down and enjoy life. Whether it be watching Netflix, reading a book, playing sports or going out with friends; find something that helps you calm down.
  • Think about break. Christmas break is so close you can practically smell it… actually, that might be Thanksgiving break, which is even closer.
  • Stop waiting. Don’t procrastinate the big projects or assignments you have to finish by the end of the semester. You’ll thank yourself for being proactive once finals week hits.