Ask Millie: What are some good resources for sexuality?


There is so much information out there that can teach you about sexuality, but not all of it is accurate. So be wary of searching for information online; try to find valid sources such as sex educators, authors, scientists or reputable organizations.

First, sex ed information. Planned Parenthood’s website has a lot of great information about STIs, safe sex practices, birth control and more. They are biased toward sex positivity and pro-choice action, but are still a reputable source.

Laci Green is a YouTuber, blogger and sex educator who has hosted online education for MTV, Planned Parenthood and Discovery News. She has vlogs on almost every subject and is entertaining, too.

Lastly, Sex, Etc. is a great resource for sex ed information. It is a resource by teens, for teens which has information about almost every subject in a way that is easy to understand. They have videos, a magazine and an action center where you can get involved.

Some other great resources if you are interested in sexuality are podcasts! The Sex Nerd Sandra podcast is my personal favorite. She hosts guests ranging from strippers to a dominatrix, psychologists and more. She talks about sex theory and more in depth information about sexuality, anatomy, and BDSM. Stuff Mom Never Told You is also a great podcast. They occasionally talk about sexuality too in a way that is interesting and relatable.

The Kinsey Confidential podcast is also an amazing resource. It is a Q&A with Dr. Debby Herbenick, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University. She responds to the questions with clear advice and facts to back it up as well.

The last resource I would recommend is the most fun, I think. Oh Joy Sex Toy makes weekly sex ed comics! Erica Moen and Mathew Nolan are married and write these comics full-time! They write about sex toy reviews, sex ed information and sexuality. They also sell sex toys and release an annual book of all the comics from the year. Erica is queer and the comics feature all types of bodies and sexualities.

If you find any other cool resources send them my way! These resources should be plenty to help you procrastinate studying for finals, though. Good luck!

— XO, Millie