Midwest Basketball Coaches Clinic

by Aaron Young

Simpson College will be hosting the Midwest Basketball Coaches Clinic on Oct. 4-5, which was setup by the men’s basketball program.

The clinic, which features ten keynote speakers such as Iowa State women’s basketball head coach Bill Fennelly, Northern Iowa men’s basketball head coach Ben Jacobson and former Simpson men’s basketball head coach and current Iowa Energy assistant coach of the Iowa Bruce Wilson, will speak on behalf of different aspects of coaching and leadership.

The men’s baseball team came up with the clinic this spring, as an idea from its fundraiser.

“The clinic is a great chance to give both boys and girls basketball coaches a chance to hear some of the brightest basketball minds in the Midwest,” said Brandon Stromer, assistant men’s basketball coach and recruiting coordinator for the Storm. “As a coach, you’re always striving to become the best basketball coach out there. No one coach knows everything or has it all figured out.”

Stromer added that having the chance to pick the minds of some great coaches attending the clinic should be a great opportunity for coaches at any level. For him being on the road this summer recruiting at Amateur Athletic Association (AAU) events this summer, Stromer was sitting next to Indiana University men’s basketball coach, Tom Crean.

“Coach Crean started going on and on about how much he loved the offense being run by this AAU team we were watching,” Stromer said. “Coach Crean went up to that AAU coach and got more information about the offense as he wanted to run that same style this season at Indiana. Here you have a Big Ten coach asking a summer AAU coach for pointers. Just another great examples of coaches who are trying to get better.” 

Stromer and the rest of the men’s basketball program feel that the clinic will be a great chance to fundraise while receiving a variety of tips and lessons to better the Storm this season.

“You get to hear new strategies and ideas from great coaches and you get to catch up with coaching staffs from all over the Midwest who are planning to attend the event,” Stromer said.

Stromer compared the coaching world as sort of a fraternity – everybody knows everybody.

“Our staff is expecting this clinic to gain a ton of momentum in the future and have coaches from every level attending this event every year,” Stromer said. “We have a great lineup of high-level coaches speaking, and we’re really looking forward to hosting this great event.”

The two-day event will have all of its lecture and on-court sessions in Cowles Fieldhouse. Cost for Simpson students, staff and faculty to attend the event is $5 per person. You can register at the door or RSVP to Adam Urness, assistant men’s basketball coach, by sending your info via email to @[email protected]