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SCTV 4/10/2024
by Aaron Wilkins and Sam HyingApril 10, 2024

Spencer Waugh is running for Iowa House District 21 as a Democrat
Spencer Waugh running for office
by Kyle Werner, Managing Editor & Social Media Manager • April 10, 2024

After 13 years at Simpson and 25 years in the education field, Spencer Waugh hopes to add another experience: the representative of Iowa House...

“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: Spoilers Ahead
“Bodies Bodies Bodies”: Spoilers Ahead
by Chloe Peck, News Editor • April 10, 2024

Although it has been two years since the movie's initial release on March 14, 2022, the horror/comedy “Bodies Bodies Bodies” has been trending...

The student section shows up

Frank Novak
The student section during a basketball game.

The student section has been packed during basketball games this semester. I won’t be the first to admit that Simpson sometimes lacks student support during athletic events. So why are students suddenly showing up to support the men’s and women’s basketball teams?

“I come to watch the games because I enjoy watching the women’s and men’s teams, and it’s something to do. It’s good to build student support,” first-year Tyler Johnson said. 

While some students said they watch the games because they have nothing better to do, others said they just like to show their support.

“I watch the games because they’re interesting. There’s always something happening that you have to see in person to watch. I love the three-pointers, too. I love shouting ‘3 pointer!’’’ junior Zamaria Barnes said. 

Many students just love the atmosphere and vibes that the basketball games bring. 

“I nearly come to every game,” Barnes said.“It’s showing support to the campus; it’s me being involved on campus. It’s definitely like I want to support my team, and they can support me and my stuff. I feel like other people should come and just feel the energy from the crowd and just from the game itself.”

Everybody agrees that more students should be showing up to support the athletic teams. 

“I think it’s very important for students as a whole to get out and show their support. It really helps build community for the students and the athletic teams,” Johnson said. 

Members of the women’s basketball team said they appreciate the support. 

Junior and physical education major Morgan Pietig said, “It really means a lot to be one of the most supported teams on campus. Seeing people take an interest in and support women’s sports of any kind is so rewarding.”

The extra fan support does not distract them or disadvantage them at all. In fact, it adds to the overall experience. 

“I think it means a lot to our team,” Senior Molly Lutmer said.“When we see everyone out in the crowd, both students and all the community members, I think it shows that we appreciate the support that they have – obviously, they don’t have to come to our games, but we appreciate them showing up, cheering, and being another support system for us.” 

Although they are very proud of the recent size of the student section, they would always love to see a bigger crowd.

“I would love it if more people would come to our games! I think we do get quite a few students there at each game, which is great, but there is always room for more,” Pietig said. “I would say that we definitely have the biggest crowds out of every other school in our conference, which is amazing.”

The women’s basketball team played their last home game on Saturday and their last away game on Wednesday, Feb. 14, at Buena Vista.

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