Niemuth nets 650 wins


Caleb Geer

Niemuth began his 36th season as head coach this year and has since notched 650 wins.

by Noah Harkness, Staff Reporter

Head coach of Simpson women’s basketball, Brian Niemuth, notched 650 wins in his career earlier this month.

Niemuth began his 36th season as head coach this year and the Storm has 13 conference titles, eight conference tournament championships and 12 NCAA tournament appearances during his tenure. Niemuth said he initially didn’t know it was his 650th win.

“After the game, we were getting ready to walk off the floor, and my assistant pointed up in the stands,” Niemuth said. “I looked up in the stands, and they’re all holding up ‘congratulations 650 wins’.”

Niemuth said he got a little emotional because he had no idea that was the game. Niemuth is from Kansas City and initially only planned on coaching at Simpson for three years before moving back home. He said he fell in love with the school and that it changed his life plans.

“I’ve been given what I need to compete athletically, and I’ve just been blessed with so many great players over the years,” he said.

Niemuth coached at his alma mater, Park University, for two years before going to Dallas Center-Grimes High School as an assistant coach. He then came to Simpson as an assistant for a year before becoming interim head coach the following season. He said this is a different Simpson team than the past two years.

“We are mainly freshmen and sophomores now, so we’ve got a lot of learning to do,” Niemuth said. “The talent is still there, we have a lot of talented players, but patience is a little more a part of my coaching now.”

This season will be a good experience for the players by showing them what it takes to win at this level. Niemuth said that the game has changed and is much better now than when he started coaching.

“The skill level is way above what it used to be when I started,” he said. “I think what I’ve learned is that Simpson’s a special place. If I had to do it all over again, I’d make the same choice to stay here.”

Simpson has enjoyed so many successful seasons under Niemuth that it is difficult for him to pick one favorite moment. Winning championship and conference tournament games have become a regular for the Storm. Niemuth said building a family atmosphere is something he’s proud of achieving during his time.

“Being here that long has helped me with letting everyone know that whether they played 30 years ago or last year that they’re all a part of the Simpson family. It was the same 30 years ago as it is now, as far as what our culture is like.”

The Storm lost five of their top seven players from last year in terms of top scorers. A combination of underclassmen is helping to fill the gaps left by the seniors. The Storm continues conference play this week at home against Iowa Wesleyan and Coe.