by Dylan McChesney, Staff Reporter

Aries: You may be struggling to find the energy to keep up with your workload but a burst of energy is coming your way. Stay strong and see it through!

Taurus: Feeling rebellious? If so, make sure you keep your responsibilities in the back of your mind, as the consequences could be a rude awakening.  

Gemini: With the last quarter moon, you may be feeling the need to prove yourself. Keep in mind you are prone to thinking everything is about you when in fact, there’s a good chance it’s not.

Cancer: Don’t let the outside noises affect you. Stay focused and build the relationships that matter the most to you. 

Leo: It is important to remember that you are only human. Stop weighing yourself down with the pressure of trying to be a hero in every situation. 

Virgo: Don’t let your ego get in the way of the opportunities that are coming your way. Your job title and/or followers do not represent who you truly are. 

Libra: Life is always going to throw you a curveball. Remember not to make any permanent decisions while you are upset. 

Scorpio: Don’t let your emotions carry you overboard, stop and think rationally before you jump to any extremes. 

Sagittarius: Don’t let your personal life invade every aspect of your life, as this could affect future opportunities. 

Capricorn: Your determination and hard working mentality are what makes you, YOU. However, make sure you are making time for yourself. 

Aquarius: Take a step back from the drama in your life. This is the excuse you were looking for to go out and enjoy yourself!

Pisces: Emotions may be running high between you and a significant other. You may be getting the urge to confront these issues, remember that you shouldn’t have to change who you are to make someone else happy.