Cameron Kincaid returns to Simpson women’s basketball team as an assistant coach


Caleb Geer

A vital piece in the Storm’s tournament run last season, Kincaid returns this year as a coach

by Ryan Magalhaes, Staff Reporter

After a spectacular final season, capturing the ARC championship title on the second-winningest team in program history, Cameron Kincaid joins Simpson’s women’s basketball team as an assistant coach.

“I’m excited to see if coaching is something I’m passionate about,” Kincaid said. “I’ve always had a passion for the game.”

Assistant coach Claire Johnson, who played with Kincaid for two years, says she always saw something special in her.

“If you’re around Cam, her energy is contagious,” she said. “You always feel upbeat after talking to her.”

So when the hiring process began, Kincaid was the number one pick.

“Coach Niemuth had an idea right away who he wanted for that role,” said Johnson. “We were on the same page. We wanted Cam.”

Kincaid, however, wasn’t expecting to return to the program after her final year.

“I’d never thought of myself as a coach. I always thought I’d play for my four years and then be done,” she said.

But with her staying in the program, the women’s basketball team keeps her history of success and familiarity with the players.

Last year, the women’s basketball team won the ARC regular season and tournament championship and advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament. Kincaid, having played a part in that, is already established as a part of the program.

“She has the team’s trust already,” Johnson said. “They respect her already because of what she’s accomplished.”

Kincaid also brings the motivation and confidence needed to maintain a competitive team. “I love her energy,” Johnson said. “You have to have what you want out of your girls. We want them to play fast, high energy, and that’s what she brings.”

It might not be a perfect transition, according to Kincaid, saying that “it’s going to be challenging. I’ve always been friends with my teammates, and it’s just going to be a bit different.”

“I can see her missing the game,” Johnson said. “Seeing what responsibilities change from player to coach is going to be tough.”

Despite the challenges to come, everyone is looking forward to her time as a coach with the program. Johnson thinks she’ll help give the players something to aspire to. “There’s a standard we try to hold, and she holds that standard.”

Kincaid hopes to learn things she didn’t get to as a player over the coming season. “I’m excited to see the behind-the-scenes. Outside of the locker room, what goes through the coach’s head?” she said. “Coach Niemuth has such an incredible history with the program. I’m looking forward to learning more from him.”

Kincaid is anticipating her role in that campaign, continuing her tradition of leadership and motivation on the team.

The women’s basketball season begins in November, and Johnson believes they have a chance to reclaim the ARC championship. “We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think we could win.”