Senior Spotlight: Kaylah Hicok


Courtesy of Kaylah Hicok

by Randy Paulson, News Editor

Q: What are you majoring in?
A: I am a music education major, with an emphasis in voice and also a vocal performance major. I don’t have any minors.

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: I’m from Dallas Center, Iowa, so it’s like 45 minutes from here. Close, but not too close.

Q: What are some activities you are involved in at Simpson?
A: I have mostly been involved in the music department. I’ve done choir, and then the chamber singers and madrigal singers. I’ve done opera all four years. My freshman year, I was in the band in orchestra. I’m involved in the music sorority, Mu Sigma Kappa, which has now merged with the music fraternity, so we’re one music organization, and we do events around campus with music.

Q: Who is someone that inspires you?
A: My high school music teacher was really wonderful. She was so encouraging and just so kind to everyone, and showed how music can positively affect people’s lives and make a difference, even if you’re not going to go on to be a music major. That really inspired me to go into music and helped me realize that I wanted to pursue joy in my life instead of picking a career for comfort. Doing something that would give me purpose and make me happy.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories at Simpson?
A: My favorite memories mostly involve the opera. We spend so much time together when we’re doing productions, and all of my greatest friends on campus have been in operas with me. And it’s just been amazing to share time onstage with people and interact in a very personal way with everyone.

Q: What do you plan on doing after Simpson?
A: I am currently in the process of auditioning for graduate school. I am applying to Master’s of Music and Voice Performance degrees. So, I’ll get my master’s and then after that, I’ll be performing probably, I don’t know. It’s kind of unsure, a career in opera performance is always kind of unsure. So, I’m not really sure where life is going to take me, but I’m keeping my paths open and really pursuing performance right now because I’ve figured out that that’s really where I want to be headed.

Q: What are some of the things you’ve enjoyed being involved with the spring opera, “Little Women”?
A: I’m Beth in “Little Women,” the one who dies. It’s been a lot of fun. Learning the music over break was a bit of a challenge because this music is very difficult. It’s so hard, but also sometimes, it’s just so beautiful, so it’s so worth it. Being away from the practice rooms and pianos made it hard to learn music, but now, being back in rehearsal, it’s very rewarding. And it’s so exciting to hear it all coming together and to be making this music with some of my greatest friends here in our last semester. It’s really perfect: The show has a great message about family and friendships and being there for each other, even when we’re not together. And so it’s just been really the perfect opera to close out our time here at Simpson.