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Opinion: A musician’s best friend: a ball

by Sara Garcia/Special to the Simpsonian

October 9, 2014

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

The Simpson College Music Department is well-known for giving their students the tools they need to succeed in the field of music.  On Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, that tool was one that students had never considered before: a b...

Christmas music

by Erin Gerken

December 3, 2012

Filed under Entertainment, Lifestyles

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, there is nothing left to stand in the way of peoples’ Christmas spirit: decorations, food, advertisements and the music. It is not long before radio stations across the country will be playing no...

‘Album puts the ‘rock’ in Kid Rock’

by Ben Rodgers

November 25, 2012

Filed under Lifestyles

Every kid has to grow up this includes Kid Rock. Gone are the days of Devil Without a Cause and Cocky, The Detroit Rock God has ushered in a sounds he’s been searching for, for a long time. While he’s still singing about ...

Ever wonder what songs your professors are listening to? Here’s your chance to view their top songs!

by Sylvia Koss

November 17, 2012

Filed under Lifestyles

Watch the Simpsonian’s Twitter feed (@SimpsonianSC) for links to your favorite faculty or staff member’s Spotify playlist!