Longstanding tradition brings students together during homecoming

by Mariah Hirsch, Staff Reporter

Another year of homecoming is in the books for students at Simpson College.

Homecoming is an exciting time where the Simpson community comes together for a variety of activities and traditions, including Yell Like Hell, street painting and the frustrating medallion hunt.

The medallion hunt is a longstanding tradition at Simpson that takes place during homecoming week. Every day a new clue is sent out via text message and Twitter. The clues eventually lead to the medallion, which can be hidden anywhere on Simpson-owned property.

The tradition began in fall 2007. The hunt originated as a way to get the community more excited about homecoming.

“We didn’t really have anything that one or two people could really do on their own to feel a little bit more connected to homecoming. This became that event for everyone,” said Rich Ramos, associate dean of students. “It’s also fun because people will often times find out things and places about homecoming and Simpson College that they never knew.”

The homecoming chairs decide where to hide the medallion each year. This year, students Tre Loge, Kelsey Schott and Sarah Baker were in charge of hiding the medallion and sending out clues.

The first clue was sent out around 8 a.m. Monday, and the last was sent Thursday.

On the fourth day of the hunt, the medallion was found at the old Catholic Church in Indianola by senior Brock Myers. He searched for two days before finding the well-hidden medallion near the shelter on the property.

“I was really excited when I found it,” Myers said. “I’ve never had that many death threats in one day. But it’s still pretty cool to say I found it.”

The prize was $250 cash.

Students searched a variety of buildings on campus, including Smith Chapel, Mary Berry and McNeil. Juniors Megan Myers and Macie Heller spent 10 hours over the course of two days searching the old Catholic Church. This was not their first rodeo, and even with three years of defeat, it won’t be their last.

“I have participated every year,” Heller said. “It is one of my favorite Simpson traditions because I get to avoid all of my responsibilities due to a Simpson sponsored event. As frustrating as it was to lose yet another year, I am happy it was Brock who won.”

The week began with a homecoming kickoff last Monday. There was an obstacle course, free T-shirts and a variety of games and food. The night ended with a fireworks show sponsored by the Campus Activities Board.