New track, turf surface in store for Buxton Stadium


by Aaron Sewell

On Feb. 4 new field turf and track surface for Buxton Stadium was approved by the Simpson College Board of Trustees. The current track surface and field turf have been in place since 2001 and have seen its fair share of action over the years.

The track and field have been under review for a little over a year. Consulting group Synder and Associate was brought into test and look at the track and field condition and see if it was up to modern safety standards.

Director of Athletics John Sirianni emphasized how closely the athletic department and the college have paid attention to the state of the track and field over the years.

“We brought in consultants and engineers to look at and evaluate the playability and safety of both the track and field and after they spent time looking at it they told us that we should invest in new track and turf as soon as possible seeing how our current track an field have reached its performance peak,” Sirianni said.

Sirianni hopes to begin construction in mid-May after conference track and field.   He also hopes that the field and track renovations will be ready for the fall semester, but realizes there are still logistical things to work out.

“August 1 is the hopeful finish date but there currently is no official timeline for the installment of the new track and turf,” Sirianni said.

The initial deadline is set well in advance of the first home football game, which will fall on Sept. 10. The schedules for the first men and women’s soccer games are still yet to be released.

The construction will be a disturbance to summer camps that would normally take place. Instead, these camps will have to use the grass fields that teams normally reserve for practice.

Nathan Seberg, athletic marketing director and assistant strength and conditioning coach, reflected on the field and track at the stadium.

“We were the first school in the state to install the synthetic turf and receive a grant from the DNR because we used recycled rubber,” Seberg said.

Seberg than commented on its reliability through the years.

“I played football on the field for four years and then used it for strength and conditioning purposes since then,” Seberg said.

Ryan Sander, women’s head soccer coach and facility director, also commented on the current stadium.

“The condition of the track and field was never brought up as an overwhelming issue by Simpson athletes but there have been comments about its condition every now and then,” Sander said.

A big benefit that is agreed upon by members of the athletic department regarding the new turf and track components is recruiting.

“Combine the new track, field, and renovations already built into Buxton Stadium and we’ll greatly enhance our practice and competition venue overall,” Sander said.

Head Football Coach Jim Glogowski echoed the feeling of excitement about the renovations.

“With the new student center going in and the new field turf there is a lot of excitement buzzing with our athletes,” said Glogowski. “The entire athletic facility progress is exciting and full of great potential for the future of Simpson sports programs.”

Seberg summed it up saying the new surfaces will provide a great addition to the campus and the Iowa Conference.

“The technology behind the new field and track will the nicest in the conference and paired with the recent renovations of the stadium, it should make for a great playing experience for all of our student athletes using the facility,” Seberg said.