Muggles bring Quidditch back to Simpson

by Sarah Stout

Hollywood may be done with Harry Potter but with the start of Quidditch just around the corner, Simpson College is just getting started.

Quidditch is being played again this semester on Sunday Oct. 2 at 12 p.m. providing students with an opportunity to get involved on campus.

“I introduced the idea of playing Quidditch to the BPW (Buxton, Picken, Worth) staff last year and it was received with enthusiasm,” senior Kraig Thomas said.

Quidditch is a popular game played by wizards in the popular Harry Potter series. It involves 14 players per team who fly around on broomsticks chasing and dodging four magical balls. 

Many students participated in last semester’s Quidditch games and even more students came to cheer on their friends.

 “It was intense, competitive and very physical and I like physicality in games,” senior Cameron Scott said. “At the same time it was very enjoyable”. 

Simpson has made some necessary changes to its version of Quidditch.  

“Pursuant with our budget requirements, we had to go without actual flying brooms, but the idea of Quidditch as we play it is much like the Harry Potter version,” Thomas said. “It is less violent but similarly fast paced with seven players per team competing to complete various objectives throughout the game.” 

Despite the muggle world’s lack of flying broomsticks, participants are still required to use them to make the game more realistic and add a level of difficulty. 

“All players must hold the broom between their legs at all times,” sophomore Adrian Hawkins said. “The Snitch — that little, golden ball that Harry is always chasing after — is not a flying object, rather it is a tennis ball attached to a runner.”

Just like the real Snitch, the runners are not confined to the playing field for the entire match.

“(I) enjoy the part of the match in which the Snitch returns to the field and darts around through the game play,” Thomas said. “That exciting and intense period is my favorite.”

Students do not have to be Harry Potter fans to participate in Quidditch. 

“I hate Harry Potter; I think it is lame, but I was willing to do this because of the sport,” Thomas said. 

Scott also sees value in playing the game as a sport.

 “I was willing to do this because of the sport,” Scott said. “I decided to play Quid last year because it sounded interesting and unique. Step outside of my comfort zone and explore the world of Harry Potter through Quidditch.”

The season for Qudditch is just getting underway and sign up for teams has started. 

“We have not yet done practice games, but the matches are all held in a tournament,” Thomas said.  “We have done brackets in the past and ensure teams all play multiple games.”

Anyone who wants to try something new is allowed to join, but students need to keep the rules in mind for the safety of all the players.

 “We welcome everyone to participate in or watch the Quidditch tournament,” Thomas said. “Students and faculty alike are welcome to play and get involved.”

Students interested in playing should put together a team of seven players including at least two girls. If a student cannot put together a team they can still sign up and will be assigned to a team later on.