Students will pull all-nighter for prize

by Victoria Jones

The 12-hour Scavenger Hunt is back this year,

with a few minor changes.

 “It’s not something that

colleges usually do,” junior Erin Weber said.

There will be 10 teams made up of six

students; three girls and three boys. Every team will be given a

list of a few hundred items as well as picture challenges to

complete by the next morning.


could be anything like a pencil, a purple notebook or a pair of

socks,” junior Andrea LaMarre said.

While some of the items may be easily found,

it is impossible for any team to find all of them.

“The items ranged greatly in difficulty and

some of them were even difficult enough that we said, ‘we’ll figure

out how many points they’re worth if you actually manage to bring

this in,’” senior Kraig Thomas said.

Last year, some items were specific, like

rainbow toe socks, but others were left to the teams’


“There were things on the list like ‘cow,’”

Thomas said. “I mean, you could try to bring us a real cow, but you

could bring us a plush cow or a calendar with a cow on it.”

On each list of items there are pictures teams

can take for more points. One funny photo that stuck out for Thomas

was when each team had to mimic ducklings following their


While the teams may have had a lot of fun

taking the pictures, those in charge had even more fun looking

through them after the competition was over.

“Once we got all of the pictures in we had a

ton of fun looking through the pictures that people had submitted

and trying to figure out what each picture was supposed to be,”

Thomas said.

Along with finding items, teams have the

option to compete in mini-challenges throughout the night. These

challenges are “Minute to Win It” competitions, which are held

every hour.

Extra points are given to the team who arrives

to the challenge first, as well as those who win the challenge.

Watching the sleep deprived teams struggle is

quite comical for those overseeing the competition.

“It’s really simple but in the middle of the

night it’s a lot of fun and hilarious,” Thomas said.

The 12-Hour Scavenger Hunt is perfect for not

only those who like pulling all-nighters but also for those looking

for a challenge.

“It’s one of the most challenging things you

can do as a group of six people,” Thomas said. “It’s really

satisfying bringing in hundreds of items and pictures and competing

in all these challenges throughout the night.”

The winning team gets to pick between tickets

to Worlds of Fun, the Omaha Zoo or a concert of their choice.

Second place will get six $15 Visa gift cards.  

Thomas looks forward to doubling the number of

teams from last year. Only six teams competed and one team didn’t

even make it through the night.

“I think it’d be great to have 10 really

excited teams and have it be fast paced all night,” Thomas


This is

the 12-Hour Scavenger Hunt’s second year at Simpson but the

Residence Hall Association hopes it continues.


like to see it continue because I think it’s a good program,”

LaMarre said. “It’s nice to have annual things to do every


The new time is 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14 to 7

a.m. Saturday, Oct 15.

All 10

spots are full for the teams this year but those interested should

keep ears and eyes open for next year’s scavenger