Team, fans excited for season

by Kimberly Kurimski

The Simpson volleyball team has been hard at work during the preseason with high expectations and a record-breaking roster.

“Training was really good,” said Mandi Deutsch, sophomore student volleyball coach. “We started out with a record number of about 10 incoming and 18 returners.”

All the returning leadership gives the team an edge when it comes to teaching new drills and techniques, with focus on passing and defense as a whole.

“We are really focusing on defense this year because we had a lot of our solid defense people graduate,” senior middle hitter Megan Dunlavy said.

“Passing is what starts the game,” Deutsch said. “We need to make sure the girls get the ball up and to target.”

The coaches along with the athletes are all looking forward to the upcoming season.

“I’m really excited to see some of our young kids and how they might perform under pressure,” head volleyball coach Lana Smith said.

Fans like junior Becca Mohnike are excited for the season as well.

“I love the atmosphere and the energy of not only the fans, but also the team itself,” Mohnike said. “They always put a lot of passion and heart into their playing.”

The team left for California on Aug. 31. They played two games Friday, Sept. 2, and two games Saturday, Sept. 3.

The girls also had time to build chemistry and relax while on the trip.

“We get our fun days too,” Deutsch said. “We’re going to Universal Studios, the beach, Hard Rock Café and downtown Hollywood.”

The team has many goals for this year, especially with their conference play.

“I’m hoping that our kids can compete to be in the championship of the conference tournament,” Smith said.

The volleyball team is looking forward to competing against Central College Wednesday, Sept. 7, after their return from California.

“It’s definitely exciting to play the rival right off the bat because it’s going to set the tone for the whole season,” Dunlavy said.

Mohnike has high hopes for the team, and wishes them luck.

“I hope the seniors have a really good year, and that they have a solid team to keep the team strong in upcoming years,” Mohnike said.