The Glass Menagerie to be performed at Simpson

by Katie Anthony & Mallory Tandy

Theatre Simpson’s next production will be Tennessee Williams’ The

Glass Menagerie that tells a part of Williams’ life through a small

cast of four.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Ann Woldt is directing this very

emotional and intensity filled play.


the audience, I hope, are able to see is a bit of Tennessee

Williams’ life, this is his most autobiographical play and a lot of

the characters mirror some of the people that were closest to him

in his life, his mother his sister, his father and himself,” Woldt


Seniors Meghan Vosberg (playing Amanda Wingfield) and Paul

Privitera (playing Tom Wingfield), freshman Stacie Kjellsen

(playing Laura Wingfield) and sophomore Ethan Newman (playing Jim

O’Connor) make up the small cast.

Amanda Wingfield is an overprotective and determined single mother

who will do anything to make her children succeed in life and in



favorite part is watching the relationships between the mother and

her children, where at the end of the day they all really love each

other, but they all have very different hopes and dreams,” Woldt


Privitera’s character exudes passion, a look inside a man who has

bigger dreams than what his reality is.


will find in the character Tom quite a bit of Tennessee Williams

himself and I hope when people come they might understand Tennessee

Williams a little better,” Woldt said.


the play, Tom Wingfield’s sister Laura Wingfield is shy and modest.

Kjellsen captivates the audience as a sweet, quiet and vulnerable

girl who is in love. She is given a confidence boost by Newman’s

character, O’Connor.

Newman defines his character as the hope in the play.


character represents the hope and way out for a family being beaten

down by the difficulties in life,” Newman said.


this play is heavily autobiographical of Williams, the play is

filled with relatable emotions.


will see a story about dreams, hopes and unmet expectations,” Woldt



is a classic piece of literature and the family dynamics portrayed

are timeless and can be easily related too,” Newman said. “I’m

looking forward to performing for the audience to see how they

respond emotionally to the piece.”


character takes you on a journey and makes the audience realize the

talent of these actors.


process for me that has been so exciting is to watch the growth of

the actors,” Woldt said.


Glass Menagerie will be showing on Dec. 2-3 at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 4

at 1 p.m. in Pote Theatre. Students who attend the show can receive

forum credit for attending one of the performances.

Tickets can be reserved online at