Indianola Family Restaurant receives mixed reviews

by Meghan Vosberg

Good-bye Country Kitchen and hello to the newly renovated,

Indianola Family Restaurant. The new eatery opened Nov. 7 and is

showing off its new goods.


you walk into the restaurant, the whole building is different. The

changes certainly prove that Country Kitchen has hit the road.

According to Country Kitchen’s webpage, “Customers began coming in

for great-tasting hamburgers for only a nickel (or six for a

quarter) and for delicious steak sandwiches for a dime.”


opened last Monday,” new restaurant manager Sam Agushi said. “The

Country Kitchen couldn’t afford to stay open.”


soon as you enter the restaurant, you see new wallpaper, carpet,

tables and new lighting fixtures that look like mini


Agushi says that the changes were greatly needed.


I sat in the old booths I could feel myself sink right into them,”

Agushi said.


new ownership and new management, the restaurant is ready to make

an impression. But with all new things, change can be rough,

especially for the employees of the new Indianola Family

Restaraunt, many of which are waitresses from its predecessor,

Country Kitchen.

Junior Shelby Burgus has worked at Country Kitchen for three years

and is not used to the change.


kept most of the waitresses who worked at Country Kitchen, but now

it’s different,” Burgus said.


all of these new installments at the restaurants, are they all

really improvements?


not used to the new managers yet,” Burgus said. “My manager is from

Kosovo and has a really thick accent and always tries to remind me

when the roll comes out for meal. With soup or salad. I know when

the roll comes out.”


no wonder the waitresses aren’t used to the new menu yet. All of

the food is different than Country Kitchen’s traditional skillets

and crepes.

Junior Natalie Hining told about her Indianola Family Restaurant

dining experience.


food was pretty good. The beef in my sandwich was a little bit dry,

but over all it was pretty good,” Hining said. “My over all

experience was not that great. The lady

(waitress) was a little rude. I like Country Kitchen better; they

were nicer. The soup was good, but I bet you anything that it was

canned or frozen.”


only thing that seems to not have changed at all with the Country

Kitchen to Indianola Family Restaurant change would be the best

part of any meal—dessert.


the glass pie refrigerator and display customers see when they walk

in becomes very tempting.


wanted a cherry pie right away,” Hining said. “But when the

waitress came back to our table, she said they were out of cherry

pie and then I had to go to class, so I didn’t get any pie.”


reviews are mixed on whether or not change is a good thing for the

Indianola Family Restaurant.


time, people are sure to be better at knowing the menus and get

used to the new environment. The community will just have to decide

on their own what’s good eating in Indianola.