New talent reigns at Simpson’s Got Talent

by Tyler Crandell

Simpson students displayed their talents on Feb. 18 at this year’s “Simpson’s Got Talent.”


Last year, a few audience members disrupted some performances, but this year’s show went on without any problems.


“It went very well this year,” said Sarah Harl, assistant director of student activities. “We had some really amazing acts and there were absolutely no disruptions. It was really a great showcase of why we do the talent show.”


Out of all the performances, there had to be one winner, and that was the group that performed the Spice Girls-Backstreet Boys battle.


The members of that group were seniors Andrea Duncan, Keri Sorenson, Vanessa Leonard, Carissa Coopman, Veronica Roshek, Ben Coy, Sam Elsner, Braden Everding, Brian Tjossem and Josh Wardenburg.


This was Everding and Elsner’s fourth time competing in the show. For the first three years, the two performed and finished in second place, but this year they were crowned Simpson’s Most Talented.


“It feels good,” Everding said. “The other performers were very good, especially some of the singers. Ours was just different from the others so it kind of stood out.”


Another one of the popular performances was sophomore Shanice Whitney’s cover of Whitney Houston’s song ‘I Will Always Love You’.


“She was really good,” Duncan said. “That is some real talent. I was really impressed by her.”


Whitney placed second at the show. Finishing in third was senior Kaleb Livingston and junior Nella Thomas who performed “Sleeping Sickness” by City and Colour.


In previous years, the competition was held in the Brenton Student Center, but this year the show was in Hopper Gymnasium. The performers didn’t find much difference performing in Hopper rather than the student center.


 “We had a lot of our friends come,” Duncan said. “It was pretty packed in Hopper, but I don’t think as many people came this year compared to the last couple years, but that was most likely because it was in Hopper.”


Other performers agreed.


“It was a good turnout,” Everding said. “It was maybe a little smaller of an audience this year because it was in Hopper, but there was still a lot of people.”


The people that did come were respectful toward the performers and the show didn’t have any disruptions.


“People were out there supporting not only their friends that they maybe came specifically to see, but everyone that got up and performed,” Harl said. “It was just a great atmosphere and we couldn’t have asked for a better show.”


Some of the winners of this year’s show had some advice for future performers who are hesitant to partcipate.


“I would say if you’re not sure if you want to perform in the show to do it with your friends,” Duncan said. “That was really fun just being up there with your friends. Also just have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be a really serious performance.”