SGA to open T-shirt shop in Dirlam Lounge


by Julia Warfield

As much as students love to sport Simpson gear, the prices of T-shirts and other apparel is quite high, especially for college students.

This is all about to change thanks to the Student Government Association (SGA) and their Student Affairs Committee (SAC).

SGA plans to open a T-shirt shop on campus that allows students to support their school by providing a place on campus to buy inexpensive T-shirts. 

“The Student Affairs Committee wants to open the shop because we want some different designs than the bookstore has,” said Jess Schultes freshman and member of SAC. “We also think that the bookstore’s prices are expensive.  We want shirts that students can buy, wear and promote Simpson College with.”

The SGA and SAC plan to sell affordable shirts designed by students for students.

“We want to open the T-shirt shop because it will create a way for students to get Simpson shirts that are cheap, edgy and sometimes even made by other students,”senior Kaleb Livingston said.

SGA opened up the naming process to the entire student body. They sent out a survey where students could pick their favorite name out of options created by the students and the winner was SC Outfitters.

There was also discussion on the location of SC Outfitters and Dirlam Lounge was chosen. 

We wanted the shop in a location that was open to all students, faculty, staff and visitors,” sophomore Addi O’Conner said. “Another area on campus that describes that is the Kent Campus Center coming soon, but that will already have the bookstore which sells their own Simpson gear.”

With the new renovation in Dirlam Lounge SGA members felt it was a good place to open the store.

“We chose Dirlam Lounge because we just spent $27,000 renovating it, so we thought it was the perfect place to put it,” Schultes said. “We considered the Kent Center, but we would have needed to have someone run it. That is why we chose Dirlam Lounge because they have workers for us.” 

Questions have come from the student body regarding what the T-shirts will look like. 

 “There will be four styles,” O’Conner said. “Exactly how often new styles come out has not been decided. We will see how things go by which styles are more popular, and if there are new designs students are expressing interest in.”

“A Dirlam lounge shirt, a Storm Squad shirt, an SC shirt and an exclusive Simpson shirt,” Schultes said. “I am pumped to buy each of them. We will get new ones when the ones we have run out, or when there is enough money to order new ones. As far as designs we are not positive yet.” 

The cost of these shirts should allow students to save money while still showing Simpson support. 

“Shirt prices aren’t set in stone, but they we are hoping they will be between $5-$7 for students and then $2 extra for any non-student i.e., staff, faculty, alumni,” Livingston said.

Money from the shirts will be used to maintain and supply in the store.

“The money made from the at-cost T-shirts will go right back into buying more T-shirts for the shop,” O’Conner said. “The profit made from the $2 charge on non-students would go towards shipping and/or additional charges when we make the T-shirt purchases.”

Livingston is hoping this is something that becomes a part of the Simpson tradition.

“We hope this lasts forever,” Livingston said. “Our hope is that this shop becomes a great place for students to come get Simpson attire that they will enjoy wearing at a good price.”

These T-shirts will be appearing around campus shortly, so be on the lookout for a new way to show some school spirit.