Dierks Bentley’s “Home” displays artist’s “variety”

by Julia Warfield

Looking for a new, feel-good CD?  Check out Dierks Bentley’s new album, “Home”. 


I bought this CD a few days ago and have been listening to it on repeat ever since. The variety of songs is great enough that it will keep you entertained for the duration of the CD. 


Dierks Bentley is a very impressive musician with a country background. He has a variety of song types, which will get people interested in his music. 


Bentley’s musical variety is especially clear on this album. He has some pump up songs but also some relaxing tunes. I get the impression that he would be a great performer too. Next time he is coming to the area I would totally consider going. 


Let me highlight a few songs for you:


The first song that I think all college students can relate to is called Am I the Only One.


 This song is all about partying and wanting to have a good time. I think it relates to those times on campus when you are ready to party but there is nothing going on. 


Here’s what Bentley says about that, go ahead and party your heart out. Even if you have to party alone there is nothing wrong with going hard and having a good time. 


The next song that really caught my attention is 5-1-5-0.


The fast beat tempo and catchy lyrics have me hooked on this song. I can just see rolling my windows down on a hot summer day and letting this song blast. It is hard to be in a bad mood after jamming to this song for a while. 


My personal favorite song on the CD is the title track, Home.


I actually bought this song as a single before the album came out and that is what inspired me to buy the entire album. 


The message of this song is something, I think, all college students can relate to and have experienced. The message is saying no matter what happens we will always have and can always go home. 


College life is crazy for most of us and the uncertainty of what will come next is high.  Sometimes the only constant, reassuring part in our lives is home. 


So next time you might be feeling a little homesick listen to this song and let the memories of home wash over you. 


For the most part I like all the songs on the album, but there is one really dumb one called Diamonds Make Babies.


I mean first of all come on, what kind of title is that? The song has no point. How do diamonds make babies? It just does not make sense and there is no logical connection. I would have rather saved the $1.29 when I bought the CD than have to deal with skipping over it every time it comes on. 


These are just a few of the quality songs on the album and I would give this CD a 4.8 out of 5.


Even if you don’t like country I guarantee you will like at least one song on this album so next time you are at Walmart or browsing through iTunes pick up a copy of “Home.”