Man on a Ledge ‘quite the ride’


by Julia Warfield

Strap on your seat belts ladies and gentlemen you’re in for quite the ride.

This weekend, my friends and I set out to pick a movie that would actually be good, and we thought our best bet for that would be “Man on a Ledge.”

We traversed through the snow and cold, got our bucket of popcorn and settled in for an exciting one hour and 42 minutes of action.

Let me set the scene: The movie starts out with seeing our main character, Nick, in prison. He then gets the news his father died and has to attend the funeral. At the funeral he gets in a fight with his brother and holds him, along with the prison guards, at gunpoint as he gets in his brother’s car and drives away to escape from prison.

The next thing you know he is checking into a hotel looking like a different man. After eating a good breakfast, he steps foot out on the ledge and remains there for the rest of the movie.

Now to the average person, it would appear that he is out there to jump to his death, but those are not his intentions at all. After he has been up there for a while, you hear his brother’s voice in his ear, and it all comes together. He is standing on the ledge as a distraction.

As a team of detectives and police try to get Nick to come back into the hotel room his brother and his girlfriend are across the street trying to clear Nick’s name for the crime he didn’t commit.

So what was the crime and why was he in prison? Some conniving jeweler said that Nick stole a $40 million diamond from him. This put ex-cop Nick in jail for something he never did. While Nick is out on the ledge, his brother is in the jeweler’s shop trying to find the diamond to prove that it never left the jeweler’s hands.

This movie is full of action and adventure and there was never a dull moment. It’s one of those movies where in the last 20 minutes you can’t do anything but sit on the edge of your seat nervous for how the movie will turn out.

The intricate tasks and jobs that the brother completes in the jewelry shop keep you fascinated throughout the entire movie. The amount of thought behind this operation had to have been incredible.

I mean these people knew every camera, heat sensor and computer code to get through the entire building. They knew every twist and turn of the building and had every tool to get through it.

I don’t think I ever sat back and relaxed throughout the entire movie. There was always something to be nervous or excited for.

If it wasn’t the brother almost getting caught while he snuck around the jewelry shop, it was Nick almost jumping off the ledge. And just as I thought things were calming down, a new twist would change the course of the movie totally.

Even the end of the movie was satisfying. The last 20 minutes were so crazy that I don’t think I took a breath once. All of that action packed into one movie kept my friends and I entertained and excited for the duration of the movie.

Overall, I would have to give this movie a 4.5 out of 5 stars. So this time I would say spend the three bucks and catch a really good action-filled flick.