CAB showcases students’ talents


by Tyler Crandell

Simpson’s Got Talent had some problems last year with some unruly audience members, but the future of the event has not been threatened.


“We looked at the problems that came up last year and we made some adjustments to how we are handling the show this year,” said Sarah Harl, assistant director of student activities. “We don’t anticipate there being any future problems.”


According to Harl,  there are some things that will be addressed before the show this year. An email has been sent out to remind students of what is expected from them behavior wise while in the audience.


“There are going to be some rules in place,” Harl said. “If people aren’t willing to abide by these rules that we set out then we will ask them to leave.”


Harl notes that if any audience members for this year’s show are disruptive, as some were during last years show, there will be more action taken to stop it.


“If necessary we will ask security to follow up if problems aren’t solved,” Harl said.


With the problems occurring last year, there was some speculation of there being no more Simpson’s Got Talent.


Harl believes that there are so many positive attributes from having the talent show that there is an obligation to try and make it work because overall it is a really great program.


“The students here are so much more diverse than anyone would ever guess,” Harl said. “They have so many talents and I think that it’s a really great thing to be able to showcase that.”



Harl notes even though last year there were problems, one or two people should not be able to ruin a really great event for the rest of campus because having an event like Simpson’s Got Talent offers students to display their talents that might otherwise go unnoticed..


Junior Kyle Einck is the drummer in the band West of E St. His band was in the talent show last year and experienced the disruptive audience first hand.


I personally thought they were very rude to some of the talents, but in the end it did not affect any of them and they all did a great job,” Einck said. “I think that it is pretty despicable when people are being disruptive while someone is trying to show off their talent that they have worked so hard to perform for everyone.”

At this years show, the talent will most likely not run into this problem again. Campus Activities Board (CAB) presidents, junior Kirsty Riggert and sophomore Andrew Dexter, say that at this year’s show more precautions will be made to prevent disruptive audience members.


“To prevent problems this year we are only having one entrance and exit,” Dexter said. “Along with that no backpacks will be allowed into the event itself. This will eliminate any drinking at the event.”


Riggert notes disruptions will not be tolerated.


“People who are being disruptive during the show will be asked to leave,” Riggert said. “We are hoping that the students see that we are being more strict about SGT (Simpson’s Got Talent) and that there will be no problems.”


Dexter is confident this year’s show will be without any problems.


“With the new things that we are doing I do not foresee any issues arising,” Dexter said.


Simpson’s Got Talent is on Feb. 18 at 8 p.m. in Hopper.