Pfeiffer Survival Guide: Bring back Pie Day Friday

by Ryan Edwardson, Maddy McAreavy & Whitney Thompson

Pie Day Friday.

You may know it as Pie Extravaganza, or you may not know it at all, given that it has been absent for 80 percent of the semester. For those of you who have forgotten the epic-ness that was Pie-Day Friday, allow us to remind you.

It was the one a day a week when the dessert table at Pfeiffer was devoted to the single greatest pastry ever known to man: pie.

First let us discuss the name. Pfeiffer calls it Pie Extravaganza, but we feel this is using the word extravaganza too loosely.

Additionally, Pie-Day-Friday just sounds better. Can we really in good conscience call something around only 20 percent of the time an extravaganza? No.

What goes better with pie than ice cream? Nothing. That is why these writers wish to thank the Pfeiffer staff for making sure the ice cream machine is always in pristine working condition when the pie sporadically presents itself.

This is a testament to their love of the dessert and could not be more happily noted among these writers.

Next, some people find the variety of pie adequate, while others, with more acquired taste buds, find the selection of pie lacking.

Chocolate silk, pecan, peach and strawberry are never as prevalent as they ought to be, whereas the meringue is always available in abundance. Let us all too appropriately address this issue with a pie chart.

As you can see, the types of pie exhibited at the supposed extravaganza are not representative of what the population as a whole (and by that I mean I, Maddy) want.

We’re just saying we want more variety. Key lime sounds great, so does raspberry, sweet potato might even be festive.

Try something new!

But seriously, National Pie Day (Not to be confused with Pi Day, March 14) was Jan. 23, and this holiday was passed without even a change of pace at Pfeiffer.

All of this being said Pie-Day-Friday is one of the best things to ever happen to Pfeiffer (except for Chef-on-Fire).

Where else can all the pie your heart desires be right at your fingertips? Which leads us to the point of this article: where did it go?

If there were a suggestion box, it would undoubtedly be overflowing with complaints about the absence of this blessed day.

We beseech the manger of Pfeiffer when we ask for its return. Our demands are few, we just want pie.

Lastly, this is a shout out to Owen Duncan, the brains behind Pie-Day-Friday. Without his devotedness to pie this blessed event may never have graced our humble existence.