New York City offers housing to interns

by Jessalyn Holdcraft & Ryan Rohlf

The big apple is more internship-friendly thanks to residential programs like Educational Housing Services (EHS).

EHS offers housing in New York City and Brooklyn exclusively to students and student interns.

“EHS definitely encourages more students to take internships because we make it so easy for them to live in New York,” said Karen Entwistle, EHS director of national programs. “Rooms are ready for move in, and students don’t have to worry about safety, buying furniture, turning on utilities, or finding roommates.”

Entwisile said EHS has housing for approximately 5000 students per year, and any student can live in EHS locations, but space is limited so students should plan sooner rather than later.

“If you planned ahead and applied by March, there will probably be space,” Director of Career Services Jennifer del Pino said.. “If you wait until May, you may have a hard time finding a space.”

While Career Services can direct students studying or interning in New York City to EHS, del Pino said housing arrangements must be made between the student and EHS.

“We can provide information about EHS to the student and put them in contact; however, we cannot act as intermediaries with EHS,” del Pino said. “The student needs to do that directly.

According to the EHS website, housing amenities include 24-hour security, live-in staff who are available 24 hours a day, and fully furnished rooms with cable TVs, refrigerators, Wi-Fi and private bathrooms.

“I know that when students go to bigger cities, finding housing, especially affordable, can be stressful,” Internship Coordinator Sara Clayton said.. “Especially if students are worried about going off somewhere new, they (EHS) can provide a better sense of security and give them some resources and amenities that they would have to seek out on their own if they didn’t use services like EHS.”

According to the website, EHS provides the opportunity to meet students from other schools and internships, gym access and weekly activities ranging from shopping trips to neighborhood tours to Broadway shows.

“Having a secure place to live, especially in NYC, or in any city, is important,” del Pino said. “I hope students will not only be more apt to seek out internships there, but I hope they will use these services as they are very advantageous.”

Because EHS is only available in New York, Career Services has solutions for students studying or interning locally or in other states.

“If a student was interested in doing out of state internships or programs, I can help them,” Clayton said. “I can’t make the arrangements for them, but I can give them ideas for where they can look.”

Once a student gets an internship Clayton said, there is nothing wrong with asking the employer where past student interns have lived while interning. Some internship opportunities will even offer on-site housing; however, it is rare.

“A local example of this would be the Kossuth Regional Health Center that is hosting a summer intern again this year,” Clayton said. “They arrange for housing for the intern on site. There are employers who offer that kind of benefit so that their intern has a place to live. Some employers will cover the cost of housing, some won’t. It is less likely with the economy, but it depends on the location and the industry.”

Del Pino said she recently inquired about housing for an internship in California. There were several options presented, although the best option came from a college close to the internship location.

“There are some colleges in different states that actually run a summer residential program for anyone,” del Pino said. “First, they (students) need to look at colleges in the immediate and surrounding area and ask them if they have a summer residential program.”

Clayton said she would advise students to do some research and look into programs like EHS and the option of utilizing other college’s residential housing. For many students, it may be the best option. However, it ultimately depends on what the students is looking for.