Our View

It’s been a sad few days at Pfeiffer.

In case you haven’t heard, our beloved Chef on Fire, Eric Dickson has officially left Simpson College to move to North Carolina.

We’ve all been enthralled by his stories of how he has cooked overseas, how he jumps out of airplanes and let’s not forget the ever-famous stories about New England cooking and eating.

All of this conversation taking place while he’s cooking you a unique, hot and ready meal right in front of your eyes.

Dickson decided it was his time to leave because the corporation-life wasn’t for him. He wanted to work with more fresh ingredients.

Well, former Chef on Fire, I think the students can agree with you when we say we’d like to eat more fresh ingredients, too.

We’re not asking for steak—though that would be nice. We’re not even asking for a high-grade quality of meat—though that also would be nice.

How about more healthy hot meals, like our Chef on Fire was preparing (not that all of them were healthy…but you get our point).

You can replace someone cooking at his station, Chartwells, but you cannot replace his conversation and his love for us, the students.

We’ll miss you Eric—your conversations, your cooking and your charisma.